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First Class Mink Consulting is a consultancy firm founded by Henrik Engell Petersen.
We have a strong focus on professionalism, and we value the good personal contact to our customers.

picture of Henrik Engell Petersen

About Henrik Engell Petersen:

  • Grew up on parents’ own mink farm
  • Professionally qualified as a skin grader from Kopenhagen Fur
  • Great expertise within livestock and skin grading
  • Has worked as a consultant in the last 19 years with quality improvement and livestock sales on farms throughout Europe and Denmark
  • 25 years of experience with livestock grading on farms in Europe and Denmark


First Class Mink Consulting can facilitate arrangements of healthy and high-quality animals from top-quality farms in Denmark.

Livestock Export

First Class Mink Consulting can offer a complete package of good quality livestock animals in all types, including internationally approved transport and transport-insurance. For more info, go to Transport.
We only export quality animals from Aleutian disease-free farms with a laboratory certificate. Before transportation, all animals will be inspected by a veterinarian. This is your guarantee for healthy animals.
First Class Mink Consulting can also provide sales contracts between buyer and seller.
We can offer:

  • Males
  • Females
  • Mated females
  • Puppies
  • Males after March 17
  • Male after mating
  • 1-year-old females
  • Empty females

Skin grading

First Class Mink Consulting can offer:

Livestock grading in Autumn and fine grading in January and February
Skin grading
Skin grading for exhibitions
Courses in skin grading

a mink sticking its head of its cage
a white mink in its cage


First Class Mink Consulting can offer internationally approved transport with a Danish transport firm, which has driven throughout Europe with quality animals to many farms. The truck and transport boxes will be cleaned and disinfected.
We can also provide transport-insurance for livestock animals.
It is also possible to collect the animals yourself, as long as the truck and transport boxes have been cleaned and disinfected and certificates can be provided.



First Class Mink Consulting can offer a complete service package on machines and pelting centres through WestCoast Mink. WestCoast Mink has many years of experience with sales, service and reparations on machines and pelting centres. In addition, WestCoast Mink also offer new and used equipment for mink farms for sale.
For more info, visit WestCoast Mink

a mink in its cage


First Class Mink Consulting IVS
Henrik Engell Petersen
CVR-nummer: 38 29 56 91
Tel.: +45 42 41 48 68 (Viber & Whatsapp)
Email: info@fcmink.com